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Skweeky Kleen offers specialist carpet cleaning Bristol and upholstery cleaning. All of our staff are fully trained and insured to work within your home or business. We offer customers a free consultation and survey so that you can be sure of our experience and expertise, and we can recommend the best course of action for your interior.

Why Get a Professional Carpet Clean?

A professional carpet clean can be the ideal solution if you want a carpet that looks and feels like new again. Even with regular cleaning, carpet and upholstery can become engrained with dirt, dust and grime over time, so giving it a thorough spruce-up with the help of a professional can restore it to its original beauty.

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Dust mites and any fleas carried by your pet will also be removed by the annual cleaning of your carpets and upholstery. People with breathing difficulties or asthma will most certainly benefit from the regular removal of dust, mites, fleas, and other common irritants.

A professional carpet clean can be an essential in scenarios such as:

  • Cleaning a property at the end of a tenancy (for both landlords and tenants)
  • Renovating your interior, without redecoration
  • Hosting a big event within a property or venue
  • Repairing damage caused in the home by things like leaks, damp or mould.

How Often Should My Carpets be Cleaned?

It is recommended that carpets are cleaned at least every year. This is because dirt and grit accumulating in the fibres can reduce the life of your carpet. If you have small children, pets or suffer from allergies, we recommend a professional carpet clean at least twice a year, or more if possible.

Here at Skweeky Kleen Bristol, we use only the most specialist equipment and the best cleaning techniques that have been approved with the National Carpet Cleaners Association. During your free consultation, our experts will inspect your carpets and ask you a few questions about the age, condition and use of your carpet. We will then discuss our carpet cleaning process with you and provide a no-obligation quote.

All of our cleaning methods and treatments are suitable for wool and manmade carpet fibres, and there is no shrinkage or residue left behind guaranteed!

Hot Water Extraction System

Hot water extraction, or deep cleaning , is the most recommended method of carpet cleaning by carpet manufacturers as it is the only really effective method of removing long term dirt and killing bacteria. These machines work by forcing hot water deep into the fibres of the carpet. The combination of force and the heat of the water will loosen ground-in dirt, which is then sucked away by the vacuuming action of the machine.

As carpet cleaners in Bristol, we have some of the best equipment and solutions for cleaning your carpets and upholstery. Our hot water extraction equipment is unrivalled in extraction power, which removes ground-in soil and revives your carpet s fresh appearance.

Hot water extraction does not wear down the fibres of your carpet. Instead, it penetrates the spaces between the fibres and leaves no residue behind, helping to keep your freshly cleaned carpet resistant to dirt for weeks to come.

Fabric Protector with Dust Mite Eliminator

Skweeky Kleen offers this unique anti-allergen product which helps to alleviate the symptoms of common allergies. It does this by killing dust mites, which can be responsible for flare-ups related to asthma, colds or hay fever.

Dust Mite Eliminator is applied in a fine spray to each and every fibre of your furnishings, killing off existing dust mites buried deep within the fibres and deterring new mites from gathering. It even has an Invisible Shield property, meaning it will continue working even after your upholstery has been cleaned.

If you are in need of a Bristol carpet cleaning service, don t hesitate to get in touch with Skweeky Kleen today to discuss your requirements.


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