How to Remove Window Stickers

Removing decals from windows is a tough job without the proper equipment, and after Christmas it’s very likely that you’ll be faced with a stubborn sticker or spray-on snow that won’t budge… But never fear, Skweeky Kleen are here to help!

We can offer commercial window cleaning to any premises that needs decorations removed from windows, and are especially able to assist with the large windows of cafes, restaurants and other commercial spaces that may be used as decorative space over Christmas. Whether it’s an immovable sticker or a painted decal, we can help get your windows back to their normal shiny selves in no time!

If you’re more of a DIY-kind of person, you can follow these steps to help get those stickers off once Christmas is over and it’s no longer OK to have all the office windows covered in stick-on snowflakes.

Natural Window Cleaning Solutions

If the decals haven’t been on for long, warm water, soap and a putty knife or plastic knife may be all you need to clean it off – simply spray or sponge some warm soapy water on to the decal and allow to soak for a few minutes. After a few minutes has passed, use the edge of the putty knife to gently scrape the decal off – it should peel off easily.

If it doesn’t come off with this, allow it to dry and repeat the process using white vinegar instead of water and soap, applying more vinegar and allowing it to soak in for longer if you meet resistance. Then scrape away!

Commercial Window Cleaning Solutions

WD-40 is as excellent aid to removing decals from windows. Simply spray some on the sticker, being careful not to spray it on yourself, or the glass of the window. Then use some kitchen roll or a clean cloth to wipe the WD-40 off the decal and peel it off the window, urging it along with the plastic knife if necessary.

A good alternative to WD-40 is commercial adhesive remover – which Skweeky Kleen can provide in spades – but which you can also get in auto shops, DIY and tradesmen’s outlet stores and other stores catering to home-ware and cleaning supplies. Make sure to read the instructions and warnings on the adhesive remover before applying it – or, better yet, get a trained Skweeky Kleen cleaner to apply it for you!

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