Floor Services

Carpet & floor cleaning

Skweeky Kleen will clean your carpet and floors using the best cleaning products and floor cleaning equipment on the market, and in-line with your specific floor material.

Daily carpet and floor cleaning services is part of our regular office cleaning service and includes:

  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning: Fully vacuum all carpeted areas including entrance mats, edges, corners and under furniture to remove traffic soiling and light debris; Spot clean to remove marks and spillage using Prochem Stain-Pro with a soft scrubber (daily).
  • Hard floor: Sweep or vacuum to remove traffic soiling and light debris; Damp mop using Kentucky mop and Jangro Enviro Floor Gel to remove soiling, marks and spillages leaving floor smear free; Scrub to remove heavy soiling (daily). We machine clean all suitable hard flooring to remove scuffs and ingrained dirt to maintain finish (weekly).

Specialist carpet and floor cleaning is part of our periodic deep clean service and includes:

  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning: Operatives use powerful machinery to deliver a thorough carpet washing service which includes shampooing carpets, entrance and door mats to remove heavy soiling (6 monthly).
  • Hard floor: Wooden floors are stripped and polished by our professional floor cleaning Operatives. Old floor wax/polish and varnish is removed from your flooring, the appropriate sealer/polish then applied and buffed.

Floor cleaning equipment

Professional floor cleaning with high performance equipment will also help maintain your buildings equipment and fabric. Preventing dirt from getting ingrained into floors will help them look their best and protect flooring for the long-term. Skweeky Kleen use Henry Hoover for daily floor and carpet vacuuming. For carpet cleaning we use either a Powr-flite carpet machine or the Orbot Sprayborg - our latest orbital floor machine which can clean, scrub, sand, strip, and polish any carpet or hard floor.

Floor cleaning team

All our staff are fully trained and insured to work within your business premises. Skweeky Kleen’s extensive experience and expertise will enable our Cleaning Operatives to recommend the best course of action for your floors, carpets and upholstery.

The benefits of professionally cleaned floors, carpets and upholstery include:

  • Removing engrained with dirt, dust and grime to enhance appearance
  • Removing dirt and grit protects carpet fibres and increases the life of the carpet
  • Removing dust mites, fleas or cockroaches
  • Benefiting staff and visitors with breathing difficulties or asthma
  • Repairing damage caused by leaks, damp or mould

Carpet and floor cleaning frequency

Skweeky Kleen recommended cleaning your commercial carpets at least twice a year and hard flooring should be machine cleaned every six months. Areas of high footfall, such as entrances and lobbies, may require more frequent cleaning. The age, condition and use of your flooring will also affect cleaning frequency.

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