Commercial Cleaners Newcastle

Do you need accomplished commercial cleaners in Newcastle?

Our team can manage any commercial cleaning job for any sized business - from small businesses with a single office through to multinational organisations with dozens of properties across the UK, Skweeky Kleen looks after them all.

Since 2006, we’ve gone above and beyond for our loyal customers. Our experience with a wide range of industry sectors makes us highly qualified to clean any sized property, big or small. From tourist attractions to healthcare facilities, Skweeky Kleen puts our cleaning experience to use.

Our team tackles commercial deep-cleans, WCs, windows, desks, floors and more; so if you need an area sanitised, we’re the ones to call. If you’re ready to transform your professional space, contact Skweeky Kleen today.

Why choose Skweeky Kleen?

Why are we the best commercial cleaners in Newcastle?

Hygiene experts

Our team of hygiene experts can tackle any cleaning task. In 17 years, we’ve enjoyed working alongside countless commercial property managers. We’re proficient in daily cleaning duties like glass and window cleaning or general waste disposal. But we’re also qualified to clean up after incidents or accidents.

Our emergency cleaning services mean we can quickly get operatives on-site to sanitise your property. We’re qualified, professional and ready to work.

Wide skill set

We’ve acquired an impressive amount of expertise in commercial cleaning, meaning we can deliver a high quality and flexible service. Every Newcastle business will have different opening hours and Skweeky Kleen can work around them, minimising interruption. Our adaptable team will perform their duties at a time that suits you, working around your unique schedule.

We can sanitise all key commercial areas, assume keyholder responsibilities and undertake wider tasks - e.g. external cleansing - and are able to tackle any task you put before us.

Environmentally conscious

Skweeky Kleen takes sustainability seriously. As such, our operatives will sanitise your property with the industry’s best eco-friendly products. We’ll clean your commercial space intensively, using detergents and chemicals that don’t damage our planet.

We also travel from client to client in our fleet of low-emission vehicles across Newcastle. Skweeky Kleen proves that cleanliness doesn’t come at the environment’s expense.

Low costs

Premium services don’t always mean premium prices. At Skweeky Kleen, we work hard to ensure big and small businesses can access affordable commercial cleaners. Tell us your budgetary requirements, and we’ll find a solution that works for everyone.

We exceed customer expectations

Your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our operations. The Skweeky Kleen team will work tirelessly to ensure your property is cleaned to our extremely high standards. With our impressive track record and 17 years of experience, we know what it takes to deliver on client expectations.

Commercial Cleaners in Newcastle

As a nationwide cleaning company, who else have we worked with? We’ve made long-lasting relationships with clients from various industries, such as:

  • Healthcare: Sanitation is a top priority in the healthcare industry, and we’re here to help. Skweeky Kleen offers a comprehensive range of services to dentists, public and private clinics, hospitals and doctors surgeries.
  • Education: The summer holidays are the best time to conduct a deep clean of your educational institution. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure all corners of your college or university are clean in time for staff and students to return. We also offer daily school cleaning services.
  • Retail: To keep customers returning, retail properties in Newcastle must make a lasting first impression. One way to do this is by keeping hygiene standards high with Skweeky Kleen’s daily and deep clean services.
  • Tourism & Leisure: Buildings with a lot of foot traffic require more intensive daily cleaning. Keeping the public safe is paramount so we can enhance the safety of museums, salons and theatres with our specialised leisure and tourism services.

Contact Skweeky Kleen today!

Contact Skweeky Kleen so we can transform your commercial space. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is on standby to answer any cleaning questions or queries. Give us a call on 0333 772 0055 or contact today.

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