Communual Services

Communual area cleaning

As specialist cleaners, Skweeky Kleen offers a communal cleaning service to multi-occupancy housing schemes. We deliver communal cleaning to the social housing sector such as housing associations, and to supported living schemes such as retirement homes.

With high levels of footfall from tenants and residents, having a reliable cleaning service is critical to the success and reputation of your accommodation units. Our highly trained staff use hazard warnings such as Wet Floor signs, to protect occupants and visitors.

Our cleaning Operatives can deliver daily cleans of all communal areas including:

  • Entrance / Lobbies
  • Corridors / Landings / Stairs / Lifts
  • Outside Areas / Refuse & Recycling Areas / Children’s Play Equipment
  • Communal Sitting Rooms / TV Rooms / Laundry Rooms

Having your block of flats or residential scheme cleaned by trained staff using high performance equipment will also minimise the risk of rodent activity and maintain investment in the buildings equipment and fabric. Preventing dirt from getting ingrained into floors and quickly identifying any problems with fixtures and fittings help reduce the need for costly refits. Our cleaning service is flexible and can accommodate changes required, for example additional hours to deliver an emergency cleaning service, i.e. cleaning up after bins have been turned over or urgent graffiti removal.

Our cleaning team delivers all core communal cleaning tasks, detailed here. Skweeky Kleen’s operatives demonstrate a proactive approach to working alongside tenants in assisted living units and have been noted to:

  • Undertake light maintenance work for residents – namely changing lightbulbs and unblocking plugs/drains.
  • Jet washing bins and recycling areas
  • Assist elderly/disabled tenants if they are struggling with shopping or seem unsteady using the stairs
  • Assist parents/guardians if they are struggling with prams etc
  • Assist wheelchair users if requested
  • Help tenants take their rubbish / recycling to the appropriate areas (e.g. heavy bin bags / large boxes)
  • Ensure fire hazards, such as prams and boxes, are not left in communal areas
  • Report any concerns to the premises Manager
  • Ensure a high standard of cleaning is done, to maintain a pleasant environment for tenants to live in
  • Maintain a polite and helpful attitude
  • Dispose of any needles in line with H&S guidance
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