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Do you need professional commercial cleaners in Cardiff?

If you're in Cardiff and need commercial cleaning services, Skweeky Kleen is your answer. Office cleanliness is directly related to a company’s image: a clean and tidy environment can significantly affect how employees and clients feel about your business.

Whether it's regular desk cleaning, carpet cleaning, or specialised disinfection services, a clean office is a productive one. Luckily, our cleaning experts are highly trained in sanitation management. From general office maintenance to specialised disinfection services, we’ll ensure your business in Cardiff is safe for all.

Why choose Skweeky Kleen?

What makes Skweeky Kleen the best professional cleaners in Cardiff?

Highly experienced

Skweeky Kleen brings years of experience to the table. Over the last 17 years, we’ve enjoyed working with businesses of all sizes and sectors. We know better than anyone that every property has unique sanitation requirements.

That’s why we’ve trained our highly experienced team to tackle any cleaning challenge. If you look after a business in Cardiff and need carpet cleaning, window cleaning or even floor polishing services, we’ll ensure every job meets your expectations.

Adaptable team

Flexibility is our strong suit. As cleaners who care, we consider businesses' different operational hours and unique sanitation requirements.

From the moment we confirm your cleaning specification, we can schedule our services around your workflow. Our approach minimises disruption so we can even adapt our services on a seasonal basis.

For instance, during flu season, we ramp up our disinfection services to help prevent the spread of illness. If your Cardiff office has specific high-traffic areas, like restrooms or communal kitchens, we can focus our attention there.


In a world where sustainability is key, Skweeky Kleen takes an eco-conscious approach to commercial cleaning. Our environmentally friendly products get the job done without compromising on ethics, so you keep clean and care for the planet. If you want to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, we're the ones to call.

Cost-effective pricing

Quality doesn't have to come with a massive price tag. At Skweeky Kleen, we offer premium services at prices that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Together, we can create a cleaning solution that ticks all the boxes at a price you can afford.

Your satisfaction is our priority

Customer satisfaction isn't just a buzzword for Skweeky Kleen; it's the core of our business philosophy.

Our professional cleaners - who are based in Cardiff - are trained to pay attention to the smallest details, carefully sanitising every inch of your premises.

Whether you have particular concerns about office cleanliness, require additional services like window cleaning, or have special requests for eco-friendly products, we listen and adapt our services accordingly.

Commercial cleaners in Cardiff

Not only are we a nationwide cleaning company, but we’re highly trained to sanitise a range of industry sectors. Including, but not limited to:

  • Education: Keep teachers and students safe with our comprehensive cleaning services. Whether you need daily school cleaning, a deep cleanse during the summer holidays or a school term refreshment, we can make your college, school, or university a more hygienic institution.
  • Leisure and Tourism: With heavy foot traffic, tourist attractions need regular, thorough servicing from an experienced team. That’s why we specialise in sanitisation for museums, holiday parks, beauty salons, cinemas, theatres and more.
  • Healthcare: A sanitary environment is paramount for the safety of staff, patients and visitors in healthcare environments. Skweeky Kleen can uphold your high standards with our cleaning services for private and public clinics, dentists and doctor's surgeries.
  • Retail: Make an impression on customers with our daily cleaning services for retail properties. From restroom cleaning to shop floor polishing, we can ensure your business looks great for the public. We offer our services to the following kinds of retail businesses in Cardiff:
    • General shops
    • Shopping centres
    • Depots and warehouses
    • Restaurants and cafés
    • Bars & pubs
  • Offices: Corporate cleaning is easy with Skweeky Kleen. We undertake office cleaning tasks in all areas of your building including desks and meeting rooms, staff kitchens and WCs, reception areas and communal spaces. Our team will deliver an exceptional cleaning service for your office in Cardiff.

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