About Kore

Quality management system

Skweeky Kleen has developed a bespoke quality management system (QMS) called Kore. The system manages and tracks all cleaning contract activity, providing an accurate record for clients, Account Managers and Cleaners.

The Kore Customer Portal is an online source of contract information e.g. time keeping records and quality audit results. It enables clients to:

  • Identify and contact members of the Cleaning Delivery Team
  • Directly place orders for consumables
  • Send and receive messages about the cleaning service
  • Leave feedback
  • View cleaning contract documents

Other benefits of the Kore quality system include:

Real time alerts

A dashboard managed from our Bristol head office enables any issues to be addressed quickly. For example, if an Operative doesn’t arrive when expected we mobilise the nearest support team.

Time tracking

Operatives log into Kore when they arrive and leave each site. This registers their safe arrival and departure and validates that Operatives have worked specific hours. Shift reminders are automatically texted to Operatives.

Cleaning supplies

Kore is used to order products and consumables directly from the site when stocks are low. Orders are placed immediately so replenishments arrive in time.

Flagging problems

Operatives use Kore to record issues at the premises. For example, if they notice a property maintenance job which needs bringing to our clients’ attention.

A high standard of cleaning is maintained by regularly monitoring Operatives’ performance through auditing. Quality Audits are completed with a client representative. Audits are based on the Cleaning Specification. Each cleaning task is given a score and ‘traffic light’ rating as a clear way of monitoring performance.

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