Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning

Our window cleaning service is delivered as part of a planned deep clean, or as a stand-alone window cleaning contract on large or multi-site buildings.

Skweeky Kleen has a specialist window cleaning team to clean external and internal windows and glazing on commercial and office buildings. Our trained window cleaners use high performance window cleaning equipment, Ionic Thermopure System. This hot water ‘reach and wash’ method provides a continuous stream of clean hot water to wash interior and exterior glazing and window frames. Most window cleaning systems use cold water which is less effective and hygienic. Using Ionic Thermopure ensures windows stay cleaner for longer and thus require less frequent cleaning.

The system enables high level cleaning and has safety benefits as the pole can reach windows and atriums up to 80 feet high. This mitigates the risk of working at heights. Skweeky Kleen also use boom lifts, scissor lifts, scaffolding towers, truck mounted platforms and ropes (abseiling) to achieve access to very high or awkward to reach glazing. Window Cleaning Operatives fully assess all glazing during an initial site visit, ensuring all health and safety aspects are covered.

Window cleaning training takes place alongside our competent and experienced window cleaners for several months, to achieve the very best window cleaning results. Professional window cleaning allows more natural light into your premises and helps maintain your buildings equipment and fabric. Preventing dirt from building up around the windows will ensure they look their best and helps protects window frames for the long-term. Operatives report any window maintenance issues they identify back to the client immediately, enabling repairs to be arranged quickly.

We provide gutter and fascia cleaning services as an additional service, which involves wiping fascia boards clean and emptying gutters of leaves and detritus using the Eastern Trading Gutter Vac.

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