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Tourist attraction cleaning

Specialist cleaning company Skweeky Kleen offers a cleaning service to holiday parks, heritage buildings, museums and activity centres. With high visitor numbers, having a reliable daily cleaning service is critical to the success and reputation of tourist attractions.

Our cleaning Operatives can deliver mid-day tidy-up cleans and daily full cleans at your venue including:

  • Entrance / Reception / Information Counter
  • Corridors / Landings / Lobbies / Communal Areas / Stairs / Lifts
  • Restaurant / Café / Coffee Hut
  • Activity Areas / Children’s Play Areas / Rides / Displays / Swimming Pools
  • Visitor Shop
  • Visitor Washrooms / Toilets / WCs
  • Staff Offices / Kitchens

Having your recreational centre cleaned by trained staff is important for your food hygiene rating. Professional cleaning with high performance equipment will also minimise the likelihood of rodent activity. Trained staff use colour coded cleaning equipment to reduce the risk of infections spreading and effectively use hazard warnings such as Wet Floor signs.

Having your tourist attraction professionally cleaned will help maintain the investment in your buildings equipment and fabric, by preventing dirt from getting ingrained into floors and fittings. Our flexible cleaning service will accommodate changes required, for example delivering additional hours during peak seasons and cleaning at different times in relation to special events.

Our service delivers all core tourist attraction cleaning tasks, which are detailed here with additional commercial services including:

Keyholder services

Open/close-up your holiday park, heritage building, museum or activity centre at the start and end of each day (key holder insurance in place).

Deep cleaning services

Ensure the cleanliness of your tourist attraction is up to a high specification by thoroughly cleaning high level fixtures and fittings, steam cleaning soft furnishings and shampooing carpets and door mats.

Glass and window cleaning

Get all glazing professionally cleaned by our specialist window cleaning team, using ‘reach and wash’ window cleaning equipment. More information about this service here.

Emergency cleaning

Operatives can be at your tourist attraction within hours to manage the clear-up following any accidents.

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