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Retail cleaning

Skweeky Kleen offers a cleaning service to retail units, shops and stores. With high levels of footfall from the public, having a reliable daily cleaning service is critical to the success and reputation of your shop.

We keep each of your premises’ spotless for your customers; Cleaning Operatives can deliver mid-day tidy-up cleans and daily full cleans of all parts of your shop including:

  • Entrance / Reception / Shop Floor / Tills / Shop Counters
  • Customer Changing Rooms
  • Corridors / Landings / Stairs / Lifts
  • Shop Cafe / Restaurant
  • Break Room / Kitchen
  • Stock Rooms & Loading Bays
  • Staff & Customer Washrooms / Toilets / WCs

Having your shop cleaned by trained staff will also help maintain (or improve) your health and safety rating. Our highly trained staff use colour coded cleaning equipment to minimise the risk of infections spreading and use hazard warnings such as Wet Floor signs.

Professional cleaning with state-of-the-art equipment will also maintain your buildings equipment and fabric. Preventing dirt from getting ingrained into floors and keeping shop fittings clean will help maintain your investment in them. Our cleaning Operatives are required to report any damage or repairs identified during cleaning, from blown lightbulbs through to loose retail fixtures.

Our flexible service accommodates any changes required, for example additional hours for events such as new brand launches and cleaning at different times to work around deliveries or shop window refits.

The core retail cleaning tasks delivered by our commercial cleaners are detailed here. Any other cleaning tasks can easily be accommodated, as our service is completely tailored to your organisations’ needs. Additional services provided by our team include:

Keyholder services

Open/lock-up your retail unit at the start and end of each day (key holder insurance in place). This service includes setting alarms and CCTV cameras.

Deep cleaning services

Bring the cleanliness of your shop up to a high specification, including shampooing carpets and entrance mats to remove heavy soiling, and high-level dusting.

Mirror, glass and window cleaning

Specialist window cleaning will leave your external and internal glazing and mirrors sparkling. Further information here.

Emergency cleaning

Operatives can be at your store within hours to clean up after any accidents or incidents.

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