Warehouse Services

Warehouse & depot cleaning

Skweeky Kleen offers a specialist cleaning service to warehouses and storage depots. With high levels of activity and traffic (often outside of normal business hours), having a reliable cleaning service is critical to the success and efficiency of your warehouse. Our cleaning Operatives can deliver daily full cleans of all parts of your depot including:

  • Entrance / Reception
  • Warehouse Storage Areas & Loading Bays
  • Corridors / Landings / Stairs / Lifts
  • Staff Break Room / Lockers / Kitchen
  • Staff Washrooms / Toilets / WCs

Having your warehouse cleaned by highly trained staff will also help your health and safety rating. Our staff will wear high-viz PPE to minimise the risk of accidents around busy delivery/collection bays and use hazard warnings such as Wet Floor signs when necessary.

Professional cleaning with the correct products and high-performance equipment will also maintain your buildings equipment and fabric. Our high-level cleaning services enables all parts your depot or warehouse to be reached, cleaning lighting, glazing and high-level fixtures and fittings. Our cleaning Operatives report any damage or repairs required during cleaning, from blown lightbulbs through to loose fixtures.

Our cleaning service is flexible to adapt to any changes, for example cleaning at different times to work around large deliveries.

Our commercial cleaning service can deliver all your core warehouse and depot cleaning tasks as detailed here, these tasks can be bespoked to your exact requirements. Other services provided by our cleaning team include:

External grounds maintenance

Keep the external areas of your warehouse or depot clean and presentable, including sweeping parking bays and wiping signage.

Glass and window cleaning

Ask our specialist window cleaning team to clean all glazing (external and internal) using our high-performance window cleaning equipment. More information about this service here.

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