Task Services

Cleaning tasks

Our professional commercial cleaning team delivers all core cleaning tasks as detailed below. Skweeky Kleen offers a fully bespoke service so additional tasks can easily be incorporated as necessary.

Cleaning Tasks - All Areas

  • Empty and clean bins (waste disposal)
  • Clean furniture including tables, chairs and soft seating
  • Clean low-level fixtures and fittings
  • Clean paintwork, walls and doors
  • Sanitise door handles and light switches
  • Polish signage and mirrors
  • Clean stairs (handrails, nosing, bannisters & balustrades)
  • Clean lifts

Cleaning Tasks - Flooring

  • Clean carpets/mats (vacuum and steam clean)
  • Clean hard floors (sweep, mop and machine clean)

Cleaning Tasks - Kitchen

  • Clean sink
  • Clean worktops
  • Clean fridge and microwave
  • Clean kitchen equipment and appliances
  • Clean and set dishwasher

Cleaning Tasks - Bathroom/WC

  • Clean sanitary ware
  • Clean fixtures and fittings
  • Clean showers
  • Restock consumables

Cleaning Tasks - External Grounds Maintenance

  • Clean external waste/recycling bins
  • Empty cigarette disposal units
  • Clean carparks, paths, hard standing, bin stores, bike sheds, railings etc
  • Wipe fascias and empty gutters
  • Remove chewing gum and graffiti and dispose of sharps

Cleaning Tasks - Deep Cleaning Services

  • High level cleaning (dusting fixtures and fittings e.g. lighting and air conditioning vents)
  • Steam cleaning all soft furnishings (e.g. sofas, chairs) to remove heavy soiling
  • Shampooing carpets, entrance and door mats to remove heavy soiling
  • Wooden floor stripping and polishing
  • Vinyl floor polishing
  • Sanitise office equipment e.g. keyboards and telephones

Cleaning Tasks - Glass and Window Cleaning

  • Clean external and internal glazing, including atriums
  • Clean window frames
  • Clean fascias and empty gutters
  • More information about this service here

Additional Tasks - Keyholder Services

  • Unlocking and locking up buildings
  • Closing windows
  • Turning off lights and specified electrical equipment
  • Setting alarms
  • Key holder insurance in place

Additional Tasks - Housekeeper Services

  • Prepare and upkeep meeting rooms
  • Deliver a plant watering service
  • Undertake any washing required (tea towels, hand towels, micro fibre cleaning cloths etc)
  • Basic maintenance tasks (e.g. change lightbulbs)
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