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From five offices across the country, Skweeky Kleen provides commercial cleaning services from Cornwall up to Scotland. With our head office in Bristol, we also operate out of premises in London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Newcastle.

We hold national cleaning contracts for clients with multiple sites all over the UK. These customers benefit from working with a single provider, and the economies of scale this brings. A national cleaning service is delivered by our regional cleaning teams. Skweeky Kleen’s workforce is based throughout the UK and can facilitate cleaning contracts from single-site businesses through to multi-site organisations.

This means customers receive a consistent cleaning service every time they open a new branch, depot or outlet, without the need to find multiple cleaning providers. All our offices share and access the same systems on highly secure servers based in the UK. Our quality management system, Kore, is fully mobile which enables Account Managers to access information about our contracts wherever they are. Contract information automatically synchronises so contract data is always up-to-date. The Kore Customer Portal also benefits clients with multiple sites as it facilitates cleaning data for each site to be compared. This function supports Facilities Managers to review important management information about the cleaning contract and make any changes required.

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