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Cleaning products & green cleaning

Environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques mitigate environmental impact. Skweeky Kleen use a range called Jangro Enviro Concentrates which deliver fantastic cleaning results, have sound environmental credentials and are a competitive price.

Our eco cleaning products meet the best practice and mandatory requirements set out within the Government Buying Standards (GBS) guidelines for sustainable procurement. The chemical components in Jangro Enviro minimise harm to the environment and are bleach free. Less product is required because solutions are highly concentrated - a specialist bottle cap automatically delivers the correct volume which prevents product waste. These features create a reduction in packaging and transport emissions.

The key products from the Enviro range used by our Cleaning Operatives include:

  • Washroom Cleaner & Descaler
  • Interior Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Floor Cleaner & Maintainer
  • Kitchen Sanitiser
  • Kitchen Degreaser

Our staff training programme includes Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) Awareness. This includes:

  • Risks and mitigations
  • How to use products safely
  • How to store products safely
  • How to dispose of products safely

All cleaning solutions come with a data sheet from the product suppliers, which confirms what is in the product and its potential hazards. In addition to this, Skweeky Kleen compiles COSHH data sheets.

Skweeky Kleen is committed to reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our operations and those of our clients. Operatives can complete a Waste Data sheet to monitor and track recycling volumes at your premises.

As a green cleaning company we advocate the use of micro-fibre cloths for damp wiping. Micro-fibre clothes only use water and thus reduce chemical consumption and waste – they also improve productivity and give a smear free finish

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